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Josh has been performing, coaching and teaching improv for over 20 years. He's taught at Camp Improv Utopia, Westside Comedy Theater in LA, The Torch in Phoenix, Curious in Portland, Adlib in Orlando, Finest City in San Diego, Spectacles Improv in the OC.

He has studied under instructors from iO West & Chicago, The Annoyance Theater, Groundlings, Second City, UCB, Magnet, & The Pack Theater.

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David Razowsky is the former artistic director of Second City Hollywood, and the host of the award-winning podcast "ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky." His TEDx Talk “Life: The Product is the Process” has been seen by thousands all across the globe.

In over 35-years of teaching, directing and coaching David has taught master classes in the US, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, New Zealand, and in 2018, Poland and Denmark. 

David is a consultant for Dreamworks, a teacher for Steppenwolf Theater, adjunct faculty for California State University, and has co-created and taught masterclasses in over a dozen seasons of The California Summer Arts Festival. He is presently writing a book based on his foundational improv concept of "All Improv is Acting".

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MIA MØLLER (Denmark)

A graduate of Aarhus University (Denmark) in Dramaturgy and Media (2005), Mia has been involved with improv since 2001 in Denmark and in festivals around Europe: Norway, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Spain, France, Slovenia and Montreal as both as performer, teacher and student.

She also took a 7-day workshop with Keith Johnstone in Denmark. She is now a part of an international EU project with one improv participant from each of the 28 EU countries. The project has performed ensemble and duo work in Slovenia and Germany about lives in the EU.

Regarding formats, she is interested in various longform formats, montage and storytelling.

I think improv is living moment to moment. You have to risk putting yourself out there and have faith in your partner and yourself.  We shall take care of each other on stage.

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Kasia Chmara is an actress and teacher and performs with numerous improv groups such as the popular wymyWammy (Bydgoszcz), the duo group Two Sisters, the Lodz-based theatre group Impro Atak as well as the European improv project Ohana.

Chmara is an artistic coordinator of Improdrom- an international Improv Festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland. She gained experience in the field of organisation, production and public relation.

She regularly leads theatre and improvisation workshops in Bydgoszcz and throughout Poland. She also provided the "Give a Voice- Your power on the stage!" workshop in Strasburg. 

She is the only Polish improviser who took part in the European Improv project organised by Die Gorillas Theatre, Our Lives. Currently, she is doing her PhD in Creating Character on script play through improvisation techniques in National Film and Theatre School in ód- Poland. Kasia has been conducting theater workshops since 1998. She has been improvising for over eight years.

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Justin Durel (USA) and Alenka Marini (SLO) have a combined 20+ years of teaching experience. They have been teaching together for five years since they finished their studies at the Helikos International School of Theatre Creation under master teacher Giovanni Fusetti. 

Rooted in the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq, their workshops explore theatre and performance from a physical perspective, always aiming at the intersection of technique and play.

They have taught at SUGLA, School of Contemporary Performance and Street Art since 2014. They have taught numerous clown workshops in Slovenia and the USA.

They have lead workshops on the foundations of physical theatre for the Theatre of the Oppressed in Slovenia. They have given seminars on teaching for Circostrada, the European Network of Circus and Street Arts, and Ana Monroe Theatre, a street theatre company in Ljubljana.

They have taught week-long mask performance workshops at Glej Theatre (Ljubljana SI), Pioneer Center (Ljubljana SI), and at Kamfest and Katzenberg (Kamnik SI).

In addition to their pedagogic work, Durel and Marini are both performers, directors, and mask makers.

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Vincent has been playing improv for over six years and is active in around five groups such as Compagnie AMAI, The Lunatics and RIOT (Royal Improphonic Orchestra & Theatre).

He has been teaching his own group (Compagnie AMAI) frequently for over three years now and started giving specified workshops for over two years.

As of last year, he dove head first into the world of gender, intimacy and respect so he could to create his own workshops that revolve around gender, sexuality and equality on stage. His bachelors’ degree as a social worker (with a supplementary year in ‘Relation Therapy’) assists him in this.

The word flamboyant was created to describe Vincent, the same holds for lovable and charming. His own go-to term is #fancyasfuck though. He does a mean forest troll, be it that a fairy-in-the-woods sometimes applies equally well. He stands on stage like Puss In Boots with a booming voice.

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