*SOLD OUT* Justin Durel & Alenka Marini: ‘Let’s See Your Body Talk’


In this workshop, we will examine one of the things that seem to connect us all, globally: body language. By examining common stage movements (opening a door, entering a room, closing the door, etc.), the workshop will lead students to a new awareness of the information they give the audience by way of gesture, posture, rhythm, and space.
People receive information about each other the moment they see each other. In theatre, the audience receives information about the character the moment the character enters the stage. In improv, this information is received by the players for the first time too.
With this in mind, a series of questions arise. How does the player enter?
Do they keep their space small? Do they walk in, big and loud, taking up lots of space? What kind of room is it? Is it dark or bright? What time of day is it? Is it their room? Does it belong to someone else?
All of these themes are present in the way a player opens a door. The player’s awareness of and their ability to manipulate that action can go a long way toward clearer and stronger theatrical proposals.
But of course, it does not end with doors. It extends to the way a character holds a cup, the way they bring the cup to their lips, the way they turn their head to look at another character, even the way they breathe when they are near that other character.
Rooted in the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq and Giovanni Fusetti, this workshop will approach improvisational theatre from a physical (non-intellectual) perspective, emphasising the intersection of awareness, technique, and play.

Cost 70EUR



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