Tea & A Chat With The Sky Babies



They like their tea in Galway. And these Galway girls like their tea like they like their improv. Strong and with biscuits. Meet The Sky Babies.

Hello everyone! Tell us about your group and the people performing

The Sky Babies are Galway based and made up of professional actors and musicians. We’re also an all female troupe. This came about accidentally but we kind of like it! We love playing with other troupes to mix things up and invite guests to come play with us when we can.

How did your group/show come about?

Órla facilitates regular improv Labs with The Spontaneous Theatre People, and all the individual Sky Babies were part of that. The Labs are ongoing, and a separate entity, but a few of us also really wanted to perform together, simply because we were having so much craic! Hence the birth of The Sky Babies!

What was your most memorable show?

They all teach us something. Although we’re new as a collective, we’re getting a lot of requests for us to perform, which is great. The Galway Theatre Festival show this year stands out as a memorable one for a few reasons: The festival staff are lovely to deal with. They brought some unfamiliar audiences to an improv show, and they loved it! As it was a ‘theatre’ audience, they were extra appreciative of strong characters, which we love to do.

Who are your improv influences?

We have many! We all have a background in professional theatre, so we draw heavily from that world too. Loads to draw from! Viola Spolin’s work greatly influences what we do in the Labs, but we’d also explore other styles and schools. Órla’s worked with many people who she also admires in the US including Joe Bill from Annoyance, Ryan Stiles, and Neutrino – Special shout out to Steve Steen too.

Why should audiences come see your show?

We love working together, and we think it shows in our improv. We bring strong characters to the stage, giving us extra oomph. Our shows have live digital musical scoring – extra element to take us on a madcap journey. Apparently audiences are ‘beaming’ after our shows! This is probably the best reason why you should come. Beaming is good.

Why should people get involved with improvised theatre and comedy?

It’s like being let off the leash in the woods, swimming naked, and flying – all at the same time, whilst eating chocolate.

The Sky Babies perform tonight at 7:30pm!

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The Sky Babies (@theskybabies) Nov 16, 2013

It would be fair to say that we are a tea drinking spectrum! With Sky Baby Grace on the fewer leaf count, all the way to Sky Baby Niceol who favours builders tea! We are indeed fond of a biscuit, and again that varies from gluten free to chocolate dipped oaty crumble. Complicated but worth it we say!


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