Tea & A Chat With WTF


As far as interviews go, I’m not sure who interviewed who.  But I do know she knew how I took my tea before I told her.  Meet Wanda Tallulah Faye.  She is the festival’s improvised psychic or as she calls it “Mystical Psychic”.  For a few euro, she will tell you anything.

Hello Wanda…..

First of all, I know you’re wondering when I discovered I had ‘the gift’ and what I can do with my abilities, or, would you like to ask me some questions?


Er, yes, actually…

WTF with Wanda Tallulah Faye is a personalised reading/self-actualisation/therapy session using new methods that combine cake, plastic power animals/cards, snow-globes and imagined truths.


Ok…  How did WTF come into existence?

Well when a man and a lady love each other very much, they have a special cuddle and the rest is history.

Seriously, from very early on in life I recognised that I was presumptuous & judgmental, I heard non existent voices in my head and had a love of baked products.  I was also a shameful liar-liar pants on fire.  Over the years these gifts combined into a highly effective method of working with the disenfranchised, the narcissistic, and the confused.  When the leg fell off my beloved barbie horse i fashioned a prosthetic from a pencil to keep him upright – and LO!  He suddenly wrote “there’s nothing wrong with you that a good ride wouldn’t sort out”.

A whole new world of prophecy opened up after that..  and combined with my early practice of cakey reiki – well the rest is just ongoing magic.



What was one of your most memorable predictions?

You should know – i predicted that love would enter your life and that the woman concerned would be frigid – well, she may not be frigid, but she most certainly feels the cold!
I’m not sure that would count….  Who are your influences?
My lovely barbie horse; my lovely friends “Soggy Biscuits”; and it has to be said that John Cremer of The Maydays has scared the bejayzus out of me many’s the time.  I should also mention the Bunty and Carl Jung too.

Why should people visit you for reading?

Because I’m damn good, nowhere else will you hear such startling inaccurate truth telling, plus, you get to be the centre of attention for up to 10 minutes- and who doesn’t love being that?
Wanda Tallulah Faye will be wandering around the theatre and bar during the festival offering readins for a small fee, of which the proceeds all go to Crumlin Hospital.  Be sure to check her out!

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