Tea & A Chat with YarnImprov


Our next chat with a troupe takes us across the pond to California.  One look at their photo and you know that improv to these guys is serious business!

Hello Kevin and Darius, tell us about your group and the people performing.

YarnImprov was created in the aftermath of Darius Hamilton-Smith and Kevin Kauker’s graduation from Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California. Combined we have been improvising on stage for about 16 years and couldn’t imagine life without it.


How did your group/show come about?

At college, Darius and Kevin were in the same improvisation troupe called the Improvahollics. Once we graduated, we were experiencing a void in our lives and boom, YarnImprov was born.


What was your most memorable show?

Our most memorable show was a six person herald where Darius and Kevin were inadequate security guards at the United States Library of Congress. They were specifically guarding a nuclear device called the Time Clock from equally inadequate thieves. Somehow we were able to defend the clock and keep it from going off.


Who are your improv influences?

Del Close, Colin Mochrie, Brian Styles, Wayne Brady, Jeff Weissman


Why should audiences come see your show?

People should see YarnImprov for two reasons: One, we’re funny, both to listen to and to look at. Two, Kevin enjoy watching us perform, Darius enjoys watch us perform. And we take your suggestions and turn them into magic. That’s right. Magic. (Okay, we lied, there are three reasons. Our bad.)


If you could both keep your dominate hands but replace your other hands with any object what would it be?



YarnImprov are performing on Friday 15th November at 6:30pm!

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