FOX + Improv Utopia Camp Jam Mixer

FOX + Improv Utopia Camp Jam Mixer 

Thursday 10th November @ 6:30pm

Theatre Space

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FOX is a long-form improv troupe that uses music as an emotional catalyst to unfold the truth of their characters. Sometimes provoking, sometimes perplexing and other times funny, FOX for sure will take you on a journey of true feelings and emotions.

Show Description

Our show starts with a music-inspired opening that leads into a world built around relationships, creating a montage of character-inspired play.


Improv Utopia Camp Jam Mixer (Global Cast)

2016 will mark the second Improv Utopia Camp Jam in Dublin and the second time the mixer jam has taken place outside of the US.  (The previous show held in Dublin too).  This is a dynamic show featuring seasoned performers who have all attended Camp Improv Utopia over years, this jam offers quite a diverse mix in styles!

Cast includes:
Amit Dubey  (FOX)
Andrea Barello  (Euro Trash)
Ann Crimins
Asli Ors  (FOX / Euro Trash)
Brian A. Howard
Erin Daruszka  (FOX)
Jessica Deprez
Kevin Mullaney  (Sticking To The Script)
Marisol Chavez
Neil Curran   (Neil+1)
Nonie Kimpitak  (FOX)
Paul Burke
Phil Lunn (Phil Lunn Is…)
Rachel Tullio
Robert Long  (Crowd Work)
Ryan MacLean  (Pawn Takes Queen)
Sara Palmer
TJ Penrod  (Pawn Takes Queen)
Wendy Penrod  (Pawn Takes Queen)
Vanessa Anton
Cast line up subject to change & shenanigans

About Improv Utopia

Improv Utopia is a non-profit organisation based in the US that strives to bring you the best improv and team building training experience in a comfortable and relaxed setting. We bring you top instructors, a friendly staff and an exciting program that culminates each year at our annual camps. If you have a lot of experience or none at all you’ll find something here at our camps. Community, camaraderie in nature. And the best part, our profits go back into the improv world through improv scholarships, festival support, theater support and improv related endeavors.

Since opening in 2011, we’ve sold out our annual West, East and Yosemite camps every year, filling our camp with people from all over the world. Camp is an experience you’ll never forget. For more please click here.


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