Euro Trash + Pawn Takes Queen

Euro Trash + Pawn Takes Queen

Saturday 12th November @ 8pm

Hall Space

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Euro Trash (USA)

Show Description

Our show is a long form montage of improvised scenes. Truthful emotional connection, physical theater, language gibberish with some visits to crazy-land are the things we aim to.
Sometimes we find them – and that makes us really happy.

Pawn Takes Queen (USA)

Pawn Takes Queen is a long form improv team hailing from Southern Utah, aka Mormon Land, USA. (Addendum: We checked, but none of us are actually Mormon, although Wendy used to be and Rev claims he saw one once but it was foggy and may have been a stop sign.) Over the course of the show, our brave heroes will use a single suggestion to weave a single scene rich in relationships and oddball tangents.
Show Description

We perform a mono-scene.


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