Le Swe-des + Ghost Sheep

Le Swe-des + Ghost Sheep

Friday 11th November @ 6:00pm

Hall Space

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Le Swe-des (Sweden)

Show Description


Have you ever showed an object to a friend and said – “This thing has a very special story”?

In this fun pulse beating show we begin to get an actual object from the audience, and then gives you a story to remember. Is the object a huge secret? An object that effected our relationship? A crazy ride you’ll never forget? No matter what it is, your object gives us inspiration to the story and we give you a great thrilling show that makes your toes curl in your shoes. Let’s meet the object!

Directed by Victoria Bang

Ghost Sheep (Belgium)

Cutting a stride in Brussels as pioneers of anglophone improv, the multicultural Ghost Sheep have for nearly 3 years been fulfilling their mission of bringing top-quality long and short form to the European capital.

Show Description

The Gallery is the Ghost Sheep’s proprietary format, bringing  together elements of slideshow and long form. The audience visits the Ghost Sheep Gallery and between the infinite pieces of art encased within, the audience chooses one. And we find out together the life-story of the artist and how this piece of art was created.


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