Neil+1 + Trickle

Neil+1 + Trickle

Friday 11th November @ 9:30pm

Hall Space

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Neil+1 (Ireland)

Neil+1 is a show with Neil and a random, non improviser, audience member…

Show Description

Neil +1 is an improvised theatre show starring Neil Curran and a random audience member. Completely unplanned and improvised, an audience member is invited up on stage and becomes a leading performer in the show! There are no tricks, plants or gimmicks; everything is made up on the spot. What unfolds is a journey into an alternative view of the life of the audience member, through character, scenes and narrative. Often hilarious and always touching, witness improv and theatre like you have never seen it before!

“Such skill, hilarious! 5 stars!”
– Daniella Moyles, Spin103FM Presenter

“Funny, engaging, and mind-blowingly skilful. Neil Curran creates a wonderful improvised story and brings an audience member along for the ride. One of the highlights of this years’ [2013] festival”
– Dave Bourn, ImproFestUK / Sprout Ideas

“A member of the audience was invited up on stage to take part in an improvised story. This sounds like a high-risk concept and perhaps it could go wrong on the night, but Neil and his guest were superb. As well as enjoying this section of the show in its own right, I’m also delighted to see a theatre company successfully give a member of the audience the chance to really interact instead of merely being acted upon. I’m a fan of immersive theatre but at times its scripting can create an unpleasant sense of powerlessness. Improv – at least in this format – takes the final step and gives an equality to the audience member. And the uncertainty of it all, the possibility of failure, adds to the drama.”
– Dave Madden,

“Improvisation is about confidence, trust, support and taking risks…all while being funny. Now imagine doing that with a total stranger. I’ve been improvising for 20 years and rarely have I seen a show that was as satisfying for me as both an improviser and as an audience member as Neil+1. I found the entire show to be engaging and hilarious but what was really spectacular is how Neil Curran made a non-improviser off the street, the star. The way he was able to support everything she said and at the same time keep the show funny and interesting was pure mastery. For a truly unique experience, I highly recommend this show.”
– Will Luera, Florida Studio Theatre, Director of Improvisation

Trickle (Belgium)

Trickle Improv is a Belgian theatre duo, bringing improvised plays to the stage, usually with an unknown guest performer.

Show Description

Trickle improvises full length plays with a musical touch to them. They developed multiple show formats, but always bring narratives bringing a multitude of emotions and atmospheres to the audience.


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