Friday 11th November @ 6:30pm

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Teatribu (Italy)

Teatribù is the most important Improv company in Milano and was born in 1999 having, right now, more than 120 students each year. Teatribù has always had the urge to go around the international festivals to know other styles and performers and thank to this attitude Teatribu has performed in many festivals like Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Istanbul, Wurzburg, Yverdon, Tampere, Dublin, Berlin, Tallin, Uppsala and…

Show Description

Free (a duo show)

A word, so many possibilities.

How many ways are there to play with a word? Lot and that’s what this show tries to do. One of improvisational theater performance that explores in as many ways as possible a single word through the Italian theatrical improvisation style. The actors  will play with the physical theater, the surreal, the concrete, the grotesque and the abstract to stage meetings, routines, breaks, loves and friendships.

Featuring Spazia D’Onofrio and Mico Pugliares


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