Tickled By Freaks + Kill The Monster

Tickled By Freaks + Kill The Monster

Wednesday 9th November @ 8:30pm

Theatre Space

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Tickled By Freaks (Ireland)

Using suggestions from the audience, Tickled by Freaks will create fully improvised work that’ll put a smile on your face and laughter in your belly.

Show Description

A series of short-form games incorporating suggestions from the audience in a whirlwind of characters and fun.


Kill The Monster (Ireland)

Kill the Monster are a five piece improvisational group based in Dublin who have been improvising in one guise or another for the past 4 years. Arising from the No Drama Theatre group, they developed an appetite for exploring the world of improvisation which led them to studying the work of the greats of improv like Viola Spolin, Keith Johnstone, & Del Close and moving on from there. They are continually striving to develop new games and formats and push improv as far as they can.

Show Description

A long form show with many surreal elements. Expect things like inanimate objects as characters or meta commentary within the story.



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