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monicaMONICA ANASTASE (Romania)

Monica is an actress, a cultural entrepreneur and an English language interpreter. She founded and is the artistic director of !MPRO – the Romanian Improv Festival. She performed in the Chicago Improv Festival in 2015 with a historical long form and a musical, in the Tallinn Improv Festival in 2015 with her duo show “A couple of everything“, translated into Romanian Keith Johnstone’s “Impro”, Mick Napier’s “Improvise. Scene from the inside out” and Jill Bernard’s “Small cute book of improv”, and has set a target to introduce improv as an optional class in Romanian schools.

Monica has been training adults in the joys of improvisation since 2010, with over 100 graduates. She recently joined the international improvisers’ community, by teaching two workshops in the Tallinn Improv Festival. She enjoys singing, travelling, and would love to practice her newly learned Spanish more. Recently asked what sci-fi invention she would like to experience in her lifetime, Monica answered: interstellar travel. Book a workshop



BART VAN LOON (Belgium) 

Bart started improvising in Belgium in 2005 after saying goodbye to scripted theatre. He became a professional in 2012, and has xperience with organising festivals, corporate gigs, teaching, performing in three continents. Bart is the associate artistic director of The Courtyard Playhouse in Dubai, the leading improv theatre of the Middle East. Bart is also author of the blog: – Vote for your favourite improv oneliners!  Bart improvises with the Belgian group ‘Trickle’.

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Susan has a background in improvisational, participatory and commercial theatre, and produced and toured a number of professional productions over the years. More recently she discovered improvisational theatre clowning whilst doing her Masters in organisational change consulting. She was so entranced by the clown that she went to clown school with Nose to Nose, UK for two years and subsequently trained as a facilitator in their person-centred clowning style. Her consulting work is based on supporting better relationships in the service of change in individuals, groups and organisations, and play and clowning have greatly enriched her professional practice and personal development over the years. Clowning has many benefits – Susan describes how it has reconnected her with her innate playfulness, liberated her from the tyranny of taking herself too seriously, helped her trust more and control less and, most importantly, has made her laugh a lot. She wants to share this particular approach to clowning with those that are instinctively drawn to it – it takes a little courage but you won’t regret it. Book a workshop






Kevin is the founder and head teacher of the Improv Resource Center,  and often travels around the world teaching workshops. Kevin has taught improvisation for 20 years starting at iO Theater in Chicago, later at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre in New York and more recently Under the Gun Theater in Chicago. He is the host of the Improv Resource Center Podcast and the webmaster of the Improv Resource Center.  He a created two tournaments in recent years: The Improv Classic and The Tournament of Shows.  He is the former Artistic Director of the Chicago Improv Festival and of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York, where he also served as the chief administrator of their training program. He directed numerous improv shows for the UCB Theater and  is the creator of Cage-Match and the Annual 3 on 3 Tournament at UCB. He recently won the 2015 INNY award from Improvisation News for the best “Best Improv Comedy. Book a workshop




Kaisa Kokko is an improviser, teacher, communication skills instructor and musician from Jyväskylä, Finland. She started improvising with Improvisaatioteatteri JOO! in 2005 and has since studied, performed and taught impro in various places around the world, such as Sweden, Estonia, Italy, England, Costa Rica, Peru and United States. Kaisa also has several years of experience in performing and directing scripted theatre, her main focus in musicals.
Kaisa is a co-founder and co-artistic director of two Jyväskylä based Impro Theaters, Mikäklubi and Kuje Impro and performs regularly with both in addition to the ensemble of Improvisaatioteatteri JOO! She teaches impro all around Finland and abroad, believes that little by little impro can change the world and is happy to be part of that change!”

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Tara McDonough took her first improv class under protest … … and has been inextricably hooked ever since, teaching, performing, and otherwise thinking about improv for over 20 years now. A co-founder of San Francisco’s Un-Scripted Theater Company and Portland Maine’s Improvised Puppet Project, she currently serves as co-Artistic Director of New Hampshire’s Stranger Than Fiction and has performed on stages from Maine to California. She has trained with Keith Johnstone and instructors at BATS Improv, ImproTheatre (LA), UCB, Magnet Theater, Improv Boston, The Institution Theatre, and Jokyr & Jesster. She enjoys pushing improv’s boundaries, producing and directing full-length improvised musicals, film projects, puppet shows, Shakespeare, and horror. She has taught improv to clowns, shy people, public defenders, and everyone in between. Book a workshop




Flavien is an actor, travelling improviser, teacher, artistic director and founder of the professional Company: Le Théâtre de l’Oignon ( He is also a member of Ohana : The Young European Improvisers Project and has been improvising and acting since 1996. He discovered Improv performing the Gravel – Leduc Improv Format Le Match d’Impro which is a competitive Improv show based on the ice hockey game created in Quebec in 1977,  graduated in drama at Conservatoire and in Theatre at the University of Strasbourg, and started his professional career in 2004. With Théâtre de l’Oignon, Flavien created many original improv formats, many merging theatre and music. He has taught and performed at many international festivals, including at Improv Fest Ireland in 2015.  Flavien teaches masterclasses and corporate workshops to groups around the world.

“For me, nothing is better than to share points of view and exchange ideas on our art form through practice, talks and training!” Book a workshop





Victoria Bang is producer, improviser and teacher at one of the largest improv companies in Sweden – Gbgimpro- Gothenburg Improvisationtheatre -, and also work in Stockholm in several improshows, so she travels between Gothenburg and Stockholm alot all year around. For just a couple of years ago she started to travel outside Sweden, and has performed and teached at improfestivals all over the world. This year she was one of the invited international improvisers at Improvention in Canberra, Australia. Victoria has worked as an actor from the beginning of her career  for many years, before she decided to work only with impro.   (Outside the improworld she thinks the best thing to do is to sit outside in the sun. She is VERY good at finding bargains and finds it very fun to be on the hunt for the best bargain, whatever it is she is looking for. She loves playing adventure golf, and is a real shoe-nerd). Book a workshop




Rob started doing improv in 1989, with ComedySportz in Bakersfield, CA. His experience includes numerous shortform, longform and sketch groups in the intervening years. He earned a BFA from the California State University at Bakersfield, and completed his Master’s in Education in 2004, followed by an Administrative Credential in 2014. Rob founded the Center for Improv Advancement (CIA) in 2008, and since then he’s performed in inaugural festivals on both coasts – 1st New York Improv Festival, the 1st San Diego Improv Festival, as well as the OC Improv Cup, and the LA Improv Festival at iO West. Teaching experience includes improv workshops since 1989, contract teaching of Theatre and English classes since 2001, and a generation of improv performers that now permeate the industry. Rob approaches improv with the career knowledge of a teacher, improviser and actor.   Book a workshop