Double Deep Dive: Animal Instincts

Laura and Gael Doorneweerd-Perry

This workshop will lead to a main stage performance for participants at Improv Fest Ireland. Registered Troupe members can apply using your artist code. If you are not in a registered troupe, you can still apply to take the workshop! Please send an email to [email protected] confirming your improv experience. We will get back to you with a booking code.

How is a cockroach on a first date? What is a sloth's favourite coffee? How is a whale brushing its teeth? This workshop will focus more specifically on animals to pull on stage a fun ensemble show: Animal Instincts.

The work will explore the different tools to interpret animals on stage without feeling restricted in movements, contexts or stories. This workshop, inspired by Pixar's work, will dive into silent scenes, physical work, action, love, and imagination to turn the animal world into living stories!

Take a close look at your dog, cat, crocodile or the wasp on your bread. After imagining their exciting life, they will never appear the same again.

The two teachers are Laura and Gael Doorneweerd-Perry.

When Laura is not traveling the world, she can be found cycling the Amsterdam canals between her jobs as actress, trainer and AD of TVA Impro. She loves slow motion running, bloody fights and smoking (on stage, that is).

Gael founded Strasbourg's main improv group La Carpe Haute, and spends his time teaching and performing improv in and outside of France. He is known for his sound effects - even in silent scenes - and his incomparable mimed fishing skills.
Improv Fest Ireland is part of their Honeymoon Tour around the world.

4 December 2019 10:00-17:00

Minimum experience 3+ years performing improv

Public Performance

5 December 2019 20:45 Show

Copy of Laura Doorneweerd-Perry (Netherlands)
Copy of Gael Doorneweerd-Perry (France)