Copy of Gary Schwartz (USA)

Finding the Heart of the Scene

Gary Schwartz

This workshop uses four key Spolin Games to bring out the essence of the scene and makes improvising effortless and intuitive. This four-game progression launches you into scenes that incorporate true relationship (not cliché), deep listening, seeing and using the ‘Where’ and will help you treat your environment as a fellow player. Allow the Who, What and Where to work for you and make your improv more theatrical and satisfying.

Gary Schwartz is an actor, director & master improvisational acting coach. Garys twenty-year association with world-renowned theater educator and author, Viola Spolin, provides the foundation for his work today. He is endorsed by both Viola Spolin and her son, the legendary original director of Second City, Paul Sills. Gary provides the voices to several popular video game characters such as Heavy Weapons Guy and Demoman in Team Fortress 2, Litch, Sniper, and DOTA 2 and Langus Tuno in Star Wars: The Old Republic. He maintains several websites devoted to Spolin including . A video library of examples of Spolins games.

2 December 2019 14:00-17:00

Minimum experience 3+ years performing improv

Workshops go on general sale in October.