Copy of Dan Seyfried (France)

Unplug your Brain

Dan Seyfried

The brain is a formidable machine to create and imagine, but sometimes it's our own trap, our only barrier. This workshop aims at unplugging our brains, to explore what our bodies have to suggest.

We will train not to be heady or too rational, to allow your scenes to be silly, to accept and play the nonsense.

Let your bodies surprise yourself and embrace their strong propositions, to just have fun, play like kids, discover new places, characters and relations, and to follow the inspiration and your instinct.

When he started theatre at 9, Dan knew right away that he wanted to do it all his life. It
became even more obvious when he discovered improv in Strasbourg in 2007. That
year he joined the Lolita, an improv match group.

In 2011, he became a professional and had the chance that year to participate in the
improv marathon (7 days d'impro 24H/24). In 2012, with his best friends, they
created La Carpe Haute. Together they do everything: shows, training, corporate
events, and since 2017, they opened their school where they train 50+ students!

In 2014, he participated for the first time in an international improv festival in
Denmark. Since then, he went to festivals in places like New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bydgoszcz, London, Oslo, and Barcelona. It is at these festivals that he rediscovered all the possibilities offered by improvisation: the totally silent show, free form, costumed shows or musicals.

What he loves especially in improv is the connection between the partners, the
sincerity, and the playfulness. That's what makes him vibrate, what takes him! He
remains an improv nerd, all styles and all types of show can make him happy. And
that's what he loves the most; it's that the journey is infinite!

3 December 2019 14:00-17:00

Minimum experience 1+ years performing improv