Vanessa Anton

Vanessa’s Vulnerable Workout

Vanessa Anton

The greatest moments in improv happen when you're truly connected to your scene partner. But sometimes we don't let ourselves be seen, and we become our own worst roadblocks.

The intent of this workshop is to turn these roadblocks into gifts so that you can play more authentically.

Vanessa will help you work with vulnerability to get through those dreaded scene ruts and we'll see how vulnerability also helps in moments when it feels like other players have put up seemingly impenetrable roadblocks.

The theme is authenticity and vulnerability so let's get real!

Vanessa is from San Diego, CA where she is the Director of Inclusion & Vulnerability for Cornerstone Improv. She's taught for University of CA San Diego Extension, Finest City Improv, The Torch in Phoenix, Orange County Improv Fest, Stranger Than Fiction in New Hampshire, MissImp in Nottingham, Liverpool Comedy Improv, University Centre Shrewsbury and Mischief Managed in Chester.

She's trained at UCB, The Annoyance and Pack Theater and obsessively at improv camps, festivals and wherever possible. She has been improvising for over 10 years and is excited to be back at Improv Fest Ireland.

7 December 2019 14:00-17:00

Basic improv experience required